In the South London Press on Friday 11th October, Lewisham Council was quoted as saying: "The Anchor is currently in their (Hutchison Whampoa) safe keeping until such a time as a new home is found for it by Lewisham Council – either back in the High Street or in a new location on the river front as part of the Convoys Wharf redevelopment."

That's another ten years then ...

Photos on this page by: Sue Lawes, Laura X Carlé, Angelique Van Tuinen, David Porter, Irene Stewart

Video "Memory of a Long Forgotten Ritual" by Dirch Blewn, from the album "It's not a name I was born with", available later this year.

the route
Patricio and his scouring jacket
Bob Bagley
Fred and anchor Arthouse
the team
at the Dog and Bell
Watergate Street
David Aylward
At Giffin Square
Through the market
Dave through the market
Market musicians
Bloody roadworks
at the Anchor site
Arriving at anchor site
Deptford Broadway
at the Arthouse
Arthouse cafe

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