The Deptford Anchor returns...

15 JAN 2018

Work starts in the high street.

While the contractor prepares the ground, the anchor and its chain are refurbished by local sculptor Heather Burrell. The chain is welded together and both are shot-blasted.

19 JAN 2018

Deptford Is Forever join Sayes Court CIC to  celebrate the anchor's return with a show at Deptford Does Art.

Sayes Court present the work of Greenwich University Landscape Architecture MA graduate Max Barnes, who imagines the anchor being dragged out of storage all the way down the high street.

25 JAN 2018

The anchor arrives. Some finishing touches are required.

DIF present a visual archive of their four year campaign, referencing the work of both The Lenox Project and Sayes Court.

Although the anchor is back, we must wait another week for a plaque to be added to the base before fencing is removed.

2 & 3 FEB 2018

Free talks at Deptford Does Art by The Lenox Project and Sayes Court CIC

3 FEB 2018

A celebration in the rain with shanty singing, and a toast to the anchor – and everyone who helped bring it back...

27 JAN 2018

More drumming and chalking.

1 FEB 2018

The plaque is installed.

Fencing is moved back but not removed completely...

Picture credits: Sue Lawes, Ben Graville, Heather Burrell, Deptford Does Art, Max Barnes, The Box, Colin Alston, David Aylward, Julian Kingston

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